Thursday, 22 November 2018

An much overdue blog for the masses

It's been 3 years since I wrote my last entry well I have been pretty silent since I wrote my last post since then I having so much changes in my artistic career as I study fine arts while doing some doodles in the of those highlights is I have my chance of showing off one of my works in an art gallery and have serval art showings in college.
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Well I went through an employment programme that give the job that suit me and my creative talent instead I was deemed in their eyes that I was not employable in any work setting especially with deadlines I credit not having work experience for that downfall.i went through a programme that do bespoke work which hopefully give me a new skill set to have a nasty little surprise of damaging my self worth and confidence despite the brilliant kindness from my colleagues where I am placed.i did not have much creative likeminded individuals that called “friends” to share my creative thoughts.i felt inadequate in the financial independence part.Of course art became my small refuge that became my happy paradise along with plenty of professional help in dealing with my my bucket list on the outcomes when I recovered from my emotional crisis is to have a career,able to travel the world and of course be a happier me in showcasing my art again.Also I work very hard to get me recover and be confident again by starting my artistic small business since my fine art career will be slow.I also credit my Facebook private group on helping to get my butt on setting up my own small business that became my child that I’m fighting for.
Finally I add colour to my work
My family portrait commission 

Jodie is my new muse for all of my doctor who doodling
Gorgeous Snow White that I redrew

Shelf artwork,it's my first illustration large project that I did which I learn some good illustration skills here

My lovely Joan of Arc here
I do have joys and tears in this journey to get back to my better self. Well I also kept my mind busy with commissions and taking part in events that help me in this artistic career and boost it up to the max while challenging me in my artistic comfort zone.Of course in that one fated job fair that I went for show me that I’m brilliant in what I’m doing just I need the tools to help me and that’s where I met faith and decide to put my name there in that laptop with nothing to day faith decide to call me up which is that moment that I can use my brilliance to good use which I’m happy to work with artistic individuals that in the first time I felt not so awakard in my life through I’m went through art boot camp in the basics of classic art which is something I’m getting used to.Besides these things I also attending to my local church cell that help me in my spiritual walk to be better than ever and a good support system to lean

Along with that I also working on doing a collaboration project with my sister’s artistic boss on getting my art out into merchandise which he told me about this when I’m in my bespoke work's gonna change my life 360 degrees and giving me more of my financial independence that I need and I strangely committed 160% of my time on also looking forward to meeting more creative individuals and reuniting with an old acquaintance that I did not see since I was small.I do have these same dreams and ambitions for my future expect I expanded from there which one of them will be studying my masters in illustration which will be amazing.
My small business

I do advise you guys following the artjoy in these networks and I’ll be blogging more from this area and do keep an eagle eye as I’ll be writing a book about my experiences in these new channels and give it a follow
Do follow me in this new stage of my life here

Tea Ladies art

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Extermely overdue post

Sorry guys for the longest silence ever,it's just I can't maintain this blog like I used to
So do follow me in tumblr as I'll be more active andI promise to get back to blogspot when I need it :P
In the meantime check these babies
I did some flim photography and I'm still experimenting,it was really fun to do it :)

Here's some of my recent pieces of doodles I am doing

Friday, 16 May 2014

Doodles of Christina Bastia

In honour of masterchef Australia season 6,here's some doodles of christina Bastia from season 5 which her style is aborable and have a big crush on marcon tower,she's such a cutie 
And yes I put gif I like from tumblr now in a doodle

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Watching the hour

Just watch BBC the hour and it's a great period drama to watch
I love Bel's hairstyle
A cute outfit from her

Try my best to draw ben whishaw as Freddie but still need to work on it more

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Gallery sitting doodles and a few updates

Here's some doodles I did with a cheap blue pen which I brought from the supermarket and I do some fun doodles and get some sketching on in digital
I was inspired to draw this after seeing a post on tumblr,I create my own take on the zero room

This one I did not to commentary,but it's from Games of Thrones with a mixture of boredom

I did this in my first gallery sitting using the lovely outfit from Jenna wore in the doctor who set

I draw Local Hero :D
This is taken from this post and my twist on soufflĂ© girl :)

Getting creative with the table napkin :)
I alos experimenting to draw my girls under this french fashion illustrator Sibylline's style which have a 1950-60s appeal ,I decided to try it out on Clara Oswald and it turns out fine :D

Beisdes doing some doodles,I also get some photos from my first ever exhibition in a perspective of a gallery sitter which is fun but a bit boring XD

Can't wait for my grad show which I put some style to the work that is chosen.